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Our Yoga styles

Yin Yoga

Meditative form of yoga where you stay in a position longer. In respect to what you experience in your body, you learn to allow what you encounter in terms of tension mentally and physically. This form of yoga is also called connective tissue yoga. You learn to accept and allow the resistance in your body, resulting in deep relaxation.

Hatha Flow

Average yoga class with a bit of strength building and repetition of movements. As a result, the body will experience flexibility and strength building. This class builds concentration, makes the muscles stronger and gives a feeling of flow (being in motion). You feel the rhythm of the exercises. Despite the difficulty of the posture, attention is paid to breathing.

Hatha Flow Plus

This practice is also called power yoga. This contains a repetition of postures that follow each other. Other series of postures have been placed between this repetition. This practice is suitable for people who would like a physical practice.


This practice is a combination of Yoga and Pilates. A touch of workout and the stretch of Yoga. The practice ensures the building of arm strength and abdominal strength in addition to the relaxing effect and improvement of a flexible body and mind.

Aerial Yoga

This yoga form is playful, challenging and has a positive effect on tension in the back, neck and shoulders. The hammock gives certain pressure points on the body so that you release tension in the muscles. Sometimes it can be exciting and you overcome certain fears. The hammock has a therapeutic effect in that respect. The better you learn to work with the hammock, the easier it becomes! Flexibility and relaxation are the result.

Mindful Run & Aerial Yoga

This course is 2x a year and teaches you to run in a gentle way in respect to what your body indicates. The course includes several walking techniques and is combined with Mindfulness. In 6x you will learn to build your timetable and this timetable will be adjusted if necessary during the practice. An excellent way for beginners, advanced enthusiasts or if you want to learn how to run injury-free.

Yoga Nidra

In this form of yoga you learn that it is permissible and valuable to be allowed to rest. To comfort the body and to feel with attention what thoughts are doing to you. You learn to increase your concentration and to pay attention to the feeling of your body.

Highly recommended for people who do not allow themselves to rest or who find physical practice too much due to circumstances or injuries. Yoga Nidra promotes a good night’s sleep and recharges the body for the rest of the day!

Restorative Yoga

A quiet form of yoga that uses support so that the body releases tension in the postures. As a result of which the body will release the tension. You use a blanket, blocks, pillow to give the postures extra rest and relaxation.

What does yoga do?

You make contact with yourself on the yoga mat.

Confrontations with your thoughts and your body’s ability.

You learn to control your breathing and to apply focus.

To feel what postures and exercises are doing to you.

The techniques you practice are cleansing, activating and soothing.
You learn to push your boundaries and to appreciate them.
Strengthening self-confidence
Your self-confidence is strengthened by the practice. You don't have to be flexible for yoga, it does make you more flexible.
Listen to your body
If your body indicates that it has issues, it is about understanding your body, that you learn to accept in that moment.
Grow as human
Let the body process everything both mentally and physically. You will grow from that as human.

Relaxation you can learn. Vitality is the result

Yoga Teachers

All-round Yoga Teacher & Dr. Hauschka Therapist

Teacher Shantala (baby) Massage & Coaching

What is possible?

YogaRelax gives you the opportunity to practice the yoga forms that suit you best at that moment.

These different yoga forms can be practiced via:

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