activiteiten yoga kindouder kind Yoga YogaRelaxouder en kind Yoga YogaRelaxactiviteiten yoga kind

Parent-Child Yoga

Time for each other, time for fun, time for rest, time to discover. Parent-child Yoga! This activity will be available during the holidays. You can register for this activity via our booking system. Primary school children and/or teenagers are very welcome to experience some yoga. Grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts or uncles are very welcome as well! Keep an eye out for the announcement or pre-register for this special holiday activity.

Yoga op werk bibliotheekYoga op de werkvloer YogaRelax yogadoekenYoga op de werkvloer YogaRelax yogadoekYoga op werk bibliotheek

Yoga at work

A moment of fun and relaxation with your colleagues or employees in our studio, online or at your workplace. Enjoy some movement together, loosen the back neck and shoulders and recharge at the same time for a vital working day! You can choose between a workshop or a recurring exercise with the aim of mental and physical health. The Wake-up yoga is available every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 8:45 am to 9:15 am and is a suitable alternative to support your employees as well as possible with their vitality!

activiteiten onderwijs yogayoga in het onderwijs grasyoga in het onderwijsactiviteiten onderwijs yoga

Yoga at school

Yoga is no longer old-fashioned, it is contemporary. Our elementary school students, high school students and college/university students are able to learn yoga in a playful and simple way. Applicable during or after school hours. With this form of yoga the students are taught to relax, how to build up their concentration and how to listen to their body. Stress among students and teachers is unfortunately something that occurs often. It should be included as a separate course, Yoga at school! 15 minute livestreams or recordings that are easy to integrate in your lessons/daily program, anything is possible.

Yoga in Renaissancebuiten yoga Renaissanceactiviteiten renaissanceYoga in Renaissance

Yoga in Renaissance

A great success for over 3 years! A yoga concert with live music. Participate in the yoga session for all levels in the beautiful garden or in the knight’s hall of the Markiezenhof in Bergen op Zoom.

To be kept informed of the event, keep an eye on the news page for the next session or send an email to so that you will receive a message as soon as there is more information about Yoga in Renaissance.