Dénise van Mechelen

When in 2002 my body started to cause pain in all her joints, yoga was recommended to me. By obediently going to my yoga class twice a week, I noticed a short-term difference in my vitality and the pain started to diminish and I felt strength coming back in my muscles. Yoga taught me to breathe properly and different breathing techniques; soothing and cleansing with cooling and warming effects. Meditation also gave more peace of mind and body and I noticed an improvement in concentration. In short, it helped me to listen to my body.


The mind is so strong that we often pass our body unheard of. Through my training as a yoga teacher in Breda and later also in Amsterdam, Johan Noorloos, Marcel van de Vis and Anat Geiger have given me the special knowledge with which I like to teach people to release their body from tension and to be mentally strong and healthy. I have been teaching yoga classes with gratitude and passion for more than 15 years now.


Young and old, managers and students, people who find yoga hip and people who are going to do yoga because it is mentally necessary to take a rest or want to feel better physically. There are hundreds of reasons to practice yoga and each has its own story.


Alison Melvin taught me Restorative Yoga. This special simple calm form of yoga supports recovery, during or after a period of intense stress to allow the body to recharge, recharge and find peace.


Hatha Flow yoga is a form of yoga in which postures calmly follow each other as a movement (flow). Your body is released, you learn to become more flexible physically and mentally.


In yoga you will become acquainted with different breathing techniques and concentration exercises, through which you learn to listen to your body and to recognize and release stress on a physical and mental level.


A yoga form that has been compared to a visit to the osteopath is Aerial Yoga. This special form of yoga makes balance postures, inversions, arm positions and back bends easier.


Pilates is included in my classes because this form of movement strengthens the back and abdominal muscles.


My past coaching training Method Mathije works as a support for the yoga classes in connection with the contact with your body.


As a teacher and as a person you never stop learning, it is an ongoing process of development and growth.


I am happy to share that knowledge with you!