Mariska Jonker

Dénise came across my path when I was looking for a space where I could offer the activities that I organize from my practice “The Little Prince”. I started my practice in 2010 which started with the theme safe attachment for with babies. I have an enormous passion for babies…. No matter how small and dependent they are, they are already such competent creatures with their own needs. I love how they express this and make it known with their body, their whole being, so powerful and vulnerable at the same time. Baby Body Language and Safe Attachment has always been a theme that comes up in my baby massage courses. Later I also started offering toddler massage courses. I also organize various training courses and workshops, for example a workshop for expectant or recently given parents about baby body language, a manual for the first months of your baby.


I also started organising “Hearth Power” evenings for mothers. We Western women often have a lot of balls to keep in the air and are very busy. On the monthly Heart Power evening, we take it easy and we go out of our head into our heart, an evening of encounter, sharing and connecting, where the power of recognition empowers mothers.


In addition to group meetings, I also coach parent and child individually, using, among other things, the Presentchild® method, which is about the mirror that children hold up to us.


I live in Hoogerheide in Then Netherlands with my husband and 3 boys. Here I had a nice space for groups, but it is no longer available from Jan 2020. This door closed, but another opened! I came into contact with Dénise, visited her studio and was immediately sold… it felt like coming home!


I hope to meet you soon at the Baby Massage or Heart Power evenings.


If you want more information or if you want to register, send an email to or call +31 (0) 620906517.



With kind regards,

Mariska Jonker